Should Sears Bring Back the Cheap Houses they Used to Sell?

he short answer to this question is ABSOLUTELY! In the early 1900’s until the 1940’s Sears, which is well known as (among other things) a home goods store, used to sell prefabricated homes as DIY projects for $1200. They varied in size from small bungalows to large stately homes, and also came with the ability to be customized to suit specific homeowners’ needs. Nowadays, with adjustments for inflation, these homes would sell for about $27,000. That is still such a bargain in these times!

Prefabricated homes are very popular even now and are so very versatile, that it would be wonderful if Sears started to sell them again. Their versatility is well known. Additions can be added quite easily and they come all ready to assemble. You, of course, have the option to DIY or to hire a contractor to put it up for you, but the beauty of prefabs is that they can be built in a matter of weeks. With the affordable housing situation being what it is, Sears would do well to get back into the housing game. These particular prefabrications are durable and stand the test of time, so they are very cost-effective. And, as you can see here, there were many styles available, so one might wonder what innovative changes might be available today.

Certainly, no one really knows how well a product will sell until it is on the market, however with the way most people are thinking, a DIY mail order home from Sears would do pretty well in this current world economy.

To read more about the prefabs Sears used to build, there’s “All About the Inexpensive Sears Mail Order Houses.” And here are a bunch of the Sears homes that are still standing today: