Shipping Container Transformed Into a Beautifully Rustic Tiny House [12 Photos]

Small house living can be done in a number of ways. You can live in a small apartment or a tiny house on a foundation. Or, you could live in a tiny house on wheels and be more mobile. Another option that’s becoming more popular is to transform a shipping container into a tiny house like this one from Custom Container Living. They build custom container homes with quality and affordability in mind. You can choose to use these buildings to live in full-time or as a cabin. This company makes it really easy to transform a shipping container into a home that’s suitable for small house living, and they have a bunch of options you can choose from. They have 20-foot long small house designs all the way up to 40-foot designs. You can choose different types of siding, colours, cabinets, flooring, countertops, lofts, and more. You can look through their Styles and Options page for inspiration even if you’re not going to build a tiny house through them and they also have floor plans you can check out too. They can also build multiple container homes too to make a larger floor plan. Shipping containers are great since you can build a smaller house and then build onto it using more containers.

The great thing about the designs from Custom Container Living is that they use wooden siding on their small house designs to make them look even more like regular homes. While the regular shipping containers look fine on their own, it’s also nice to put some siding on them to spruce them up a bit more. By purchasing your tiny house through a company like Custom Container Living you don’t have to worry about finding the right shipping container for your project which could be a lot of work. They have all of the materials available to build your shipping container home, and you don’t have to worry about anything except making your design ideas known to them. If you were interested in building a shipping container home of your own from scratch, you could find shipping containers in various places. They are easiest to find in coastal cities that receive a lot of large shipments in shipping containers. Sometimes you’ll only be able to find one size of shipping container too which may not be what you were looking for. Depending on where you buy your shipping container for your tiny house build you could spend anywhere up to $3000 or more.

The use of shipping containers to build tiny houses and for small house, living is a great way for people to upcycle something that already had a use instead of using new resources and materials. This way we can start to build more affordable housing that’s more eco-friendly. The other nice thing about using these shipping containers for tiny houses is that the structure is already there for you to start building. The framework is already in place which makes the rest of the project even easier. All you would have to do is add insulation, interior walls, windows, doors and finishing. Some of the other materials for your small house design could also be upcycled or secondhand materials. Countertops and cabinets are things you can find second hand from demolition projects, and you can also use wood that’s left over from different construction projects. Check out more of the great small house design ideas on Custom Container Living’s website and see just how cool these shipping container houses can be. Maybe you’ll walk away feeling more inspired to build a tiny house of your own using shipping containers.***