Shenandoah Log Cabin Is 348 Sqft – Turn Key – Ready To Live In Or Rent Out

Log cabins and wood cabins make the best vacation homes. While there are so many great log home and cabin builders out there, Lancaster Log Cabins based in Denver, Pensylvania, is one of the only log cabin builders that builds small log cabins on trailers making it even easier to transport or move your cabin. It’s much like a tiny house on wheels except their log cabins have more space in them. Like their Shenandoah Log Cabin that measures 12 feet by 29 feet. Usually, a tiny house on wheels will be only 8.5 feet wide maximum to fit within the highway guidelines.

This one is 12 feet wide and 29 feet long giving you a ton of space inside. This cabin features 348 square feet of space inside as well as an 8-foot porch on the front. The Shenandoah sleeps 6 people comfortably, and there’s a nice private bedroom as well. The home also features a full bathroom which is better than having to use an outhouse when you’re at the cabin. There’s also a full kitchen which you can add appliances into to make cooking just as easy as it is at home. In the living room, there is also enough room to put a futon for extra sleeping space. This cabin starts at around $36,900 US and you can customize the design to suit your style and needs.

These small cabins are designed like park models but also like RVs, so you get the best of both worlds. The wood cabins are available as small as 11 feet by 15 feet with a 6-foot and 165 square feet of space inside to accommodate up to 4 people for a starting price of around $23,900. That would be perfect for a hunting or fishing cabin, and since it’s mobile, it would be perfect for taking to different hunting or fishing locations. The largest cabin on a trailer they offer is their 13 foot by 30-foot log cabin with a 10-foot porch and a full loft area. That one would cost around $46,900 to start. So these small log cabins are quite affordable and practical for any use. They also offer wood cabins and log cabins built on foundations as well. If you don’t fall in love with any of the models and designs you see on their website, they are also more than happy to design you a custom log cabin of your very own. Once the design is complete, each of the cabins is preassembled in their factory, and they are all turnkey meaning you can move right in when they are done. What makes these wood cabins so special is that they are built out of real, natural building materials instead of cheaper synthetic materials like a regular park model or RV would be. This also gives them more or a rustic cabin appeal and ensures they will last longer as well.