Research confirms: Bald men are more intelligent, successful and sexy

No matter how much you want, and try to fight it, we all get older. For men, it often means that even your beloved hairdo will never be the same after you start going bald.

If you care a lot about your hairstyle, it can be a huge hit to your self-confidence to see your once lion’s mane shrink to a mere few strands at the top of your head.

But a new study shows that thinning hair is not negative for one’s appearance – rather the opposite, according to Yahoo.
Losing your hair can be a real mood killer, since you often associate hair with your appearance. To be forced to an involuntary change can get one feeling really depressed. However, according to researchers, being bald does not automatically mean anything negative in regard of your appearance.

Bald men are more intelligent, successful and sexy
Albert E. Mannes of the University of Pennsylvania has conducted a study of how bald men are perceived by others.

The study included 59 people who looked at different pictures of men, with and without hair.

Most of the participants thought the pictures where the men lacked hair were more attractive and sexy. They also perceived them as more successful.

Older, wiser and more dominant
According to the study, the participants found that men without hair radiate wisdom, maybe because bald men are often a little older and thus have more life experience, which makes them more attractive.

They also considered men without hair on the head more dominant and strong than those with a full set of hair.

Researchers attribute this to biology as bald men have higher levels of testosterone in the body.

Must be completely bald
However, there is a big DETAIL to take into consideration.

According to the study, men should be completely bald o for these perceptions to apply, since the study also found that those who had only thin hair were actually perceived as weaker and less attractive.

So if you feel that your forehead keeps growing upwards and backwards – don’t fight against it and just shave it off!

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