Purchase A Tiny House Or Land With Georgias Little River Escape

Life gets hectic, and we all need an escape every once in a while. The perfect escape awaits you at the Little River Escape in Georgia, a private gated community with tiny houses at Lookout Mountain in Cloudland. Sounds pretty magical, doesn’t it? The tiny houses will be built on over 50 acres of land on Little River. They have lots for lease right on the river so occupants can enjoy fishing, swimming and more. The plots of land or 3/4 acre or larger, set in the woods which would be the perfect place to build a tiny house. They’re currently accepting 5-year lease terms for the community, but plots can also be purchased in other areas. When you buy a plot of land, it’s prepared for you, so it’s all ready for you to move in. They complete the driveway add the utilities, a patio and do all of the natural landscaping. All you have to do is add the tiny house of your choice. There’s also a traditional guest house for visitors, plus a pool for residents and guests. People can visit the land any day of the week during business hours to see just how beautiful it is in person.

They currently have several tiny houses available for purchase right away including the Magnolia, the Tin Man, Longleaf, Alexander, Collins, Sea Breeze, and the Overlook Cottage. When you’re on their website, look for the “Available Now” banners on the tiny house page. For those who want a design that’s all their own, they can choose the floor plan they like and then the company will help them make any changes to it. They can add any customizations to the floor plan as well as add the customer’s preference in lighting, appliances, window placement, fixtures and anything else that will make it stand out as their own. Each of the tiny houses is done one by one, so the customer is in complete control of how their tiny house turns out. All they ask for is the cost plus 15% for any specific item and $75 per change. They have a bunch of different plans to choose from including the Magnolia, which is a 1 bedroom and loft tiny house with 400 square feet of space. The Tin Man tiny house on wheels has a Murphey bed with a loft at 200 square feet, the Newell features a queen bedroom with a loft at 396 square feet, and the Wedge has a king bedroom and loft at 395 square feet.

The Magnolia is a new plan with 1 bedroom and a double loft with 400 square feet, the Berry has a king bedroom and a loft at 398 square feet, the Seedling Studio is 377 square feet, Montana is 1 bedroom with 398 square feet, Longleaf is also 1 bedroom with 396 square feet, and the Acorn has 1 bedroom with 280 square feet. The other tiny houses include the Alexander, Creekside Cottage, Collins, Escape, Hawthorn, Sedona, Seabreeze and the Overlook tiny house plan all with 1 bedroom ranging from 350 square feet to 400 square feet in size. Each of the tiny houses has a great floor plan and design, and they’re made using the highest quality materials like wood. Most of them have built-in porch out front and great awnings for protection from the elements. It’s nice because they are quite a bit wider than a typical tiny house on wheels, so they are able to fit a fully equipped kitchen with full-sized appliances. Which one of these great tiny house plans would you choose to have as your tiny house?