Log Cabin On 20 Acres In Wisconsin For $157K – Two Car Detached Garage!

This log cabin building has everything you need for full-time cabin living or use as the ultimate vacation home. The log house sits on 20 acres near the Willow Reservoir on a beautifully private, pristine setting. The newer three bedrooms, two bath log cabin retreat, has a split level floor plan. There is a living-dining area, a full sized bath and kitchen on the upper level and a loft that overlooks the great room. The cabin building has patio doors that lead to an outdoor deck for summer grilling. There are three bedrooms and a second 3/4 bath along with some storage in the lower level. There is a spacious entryway which also serves as the laundry room. The cabin building has a two-car, detached garage. The wood cabin is only a short drive from the Willow Reservoir, a 6400-acre body of water that is almost surrounded by State Land. This location is perfect for the outdoorsman offering excellent hunting, fishing, ATV-ing, snowmobiling, or simply enjoying nature at its finest.

This wood cabin setup might get you thinking about a cabin of your own. Whether you are in the market to purchase a cabin building such as this, or you are considering building a log cabin yourself, it is one of the best decisions you can make. A log cabin design is an affordable option that can suit most any budget, and lifestyle. One of the best ways to save money on your wood cabin design is to build at least some of the cabin building yourself. The saving will come in the form of time and labor. If you have some building background and an understanding of basic log house construction, then you can realize there are good savings to be had. Many cabin building kits come with detailed instructions, so a few handymen may be able to get a small cabin building built over several weekends. Go off the grid. As part of your wood cabin design planning, consider good alternative energy options and toilet facilities. Part of the planning your cabin building is in the research that you do.

By properly researching and planning for your wood cabin design, you will save money and have the wood cabin you’ve dreamed. And put off what you can. Some things in your wood cabin design don’t make sense to postpone, but when you can, leave rooms or wood cabin spaces unfinished until you can afford to finish them off. You might want to start by building two small decks off your cabin building and adding a larger one in the future. With proper planning and prioritizing, you will match your wood cabin budget and have the space you need. A wood cabin is a step in the right direction when it comes to eco-building. Wood is a renewable building material that when sustainably managed, will be available for future generations.

There are several ways that you can make your wood cabin design more energy efficient. Heating and cooling and insulation are just some of the ways you can make your wood cabin more comfortable and energy efficient. You’ll want to properly plan your wood cabin to benefit from energy efficient log house construction so you can save money in the future on heating and cooling bills and ensure that your log house will benefit you for years to come.