Kerawinds Log Cabin for $29,900

You will love to have a look at this Kerawinds Log Cabin for $29,900 from Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes. There are so many cabin kits for sale on the internet these days which is so awesome. Think back to a time when people would have to gather and secure all of the materials to build a log home themselves. They would have to go out into the forest, chop down the trees, then haul them all the way back to their property. The logs would also have to be hand peeled, often without all of the state of the art tools and equipment we have now. Hand peeling logs can be a gruelling process and would not have been very easy back then. The logs would also have had to be hand notched and cut as well, whereas these days, there are machines that do this so that it is much easier for the workers. Historically, people used to have house raising parties where people living in the same area would come out and help their friends to build their homes. Once they built the home they would celebrate in the home to warm the home with human interaction and start to create good memories there. Even if you built a small log cabin like this one from one of the prefab cabin kits from Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes, you could still have a fun house raising with a house warming celebration afterward as well.

The cabin kits for sale through Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes are beautifully designed and the prefab log cabin kits they sell are made out of the best quality materials. Starting at only $29,900 this log cabin is available for quite an affordable price. The prefab log cabin kits are also very efficient to build, with all of the parts and pieces pre cut and notched to fit together perfectly so that their are no spaces in between the logs. This creates a nice tight seal so that the insulation of the home is effective, keeping cold air out on cold days so it stays nice and warm and toasty within the cabin. Wood cabins are also known to have a very high thermal mass on their own accord as logs actually have their own insulation naturally within them. Nature is so brilliant, that it made the perfect building material even more perfect by allowing it to be a great insulator to keep out the cold. Logs have been tested to have the highest thermal mass out of any other building material.

This Kerawinds log cabin is lovely, and it has a nice and simply design which includes two bedrooms and one full bathroom. It is a total of 437 square feet inside, which is a great size for a cabin or a small house. There is only one level to the cabin but the floor plan is well designed and fits everything very well including a nice kitchen and a living room and dining area at the front of the home. The wood cabins from Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes come with everything that is needed to build the log cabin including the electrical package for setting up the electricity, pre cut logs to make up the floors and the walls, all of the porch materials, the windows and the doors are also all included which is really great. A roof system is also included in the complete package for this log home as well, so when it is delivered to you, you could just build it and have it ready to be used. You can browse the Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes website for more beautiful cabin kits for sale and see which one would suit your building needs the best.