If you think the exterior of this tiny home is stunning, you have to see the inside

This stunning tiny house, set in the scenic environs of Battle Ground, Washington, was created by Handcrafted Movement, the construction firm begun by builder Matt Impola, who happens to be the executive director of the Artisan Academy, a school for, well, artisans.In just a few words, this tiny home is jaw dropping. From most angles, you will see that the house’s clean lines, beset with classic overtones, fool the eye into thinking you might be standing in a “McMansion” in the middle of suburbia instead of a diminutive home with a basic footprint measuring 238 square feet – 8.5 feet by 28 feet.

In addition, there is one loft, measuring slightly more than 56 square feet. But why, you ask, isn’t there a second loft? Look at the outside. There seems to be room for it.Handcrafted Movement decided to go with a tuck-away Murphy bed instead of a second loft, allowing the bedroom to morph into a dining room. It’s pretty clever. Let’s take a tour.

HANDCRAFTED MOVEMENTThis home, called the Pacific Harmony model, sits on a 26-by-6.5-foot, three-axle Iron Eagle Tiny House trailer. It seems to float above the lawn in this shot.

HANDCRAFTED MOVEMENTHere’s the first thing you see when you step inside the home. Note the classic herringbone-patterned floor made of oak. That’s going an extra mile for a small house.

HANDCRAFTED MOVEMENTThis photo shows the breakfast counter with the bedroom in the background, although the Murphy bed has been tucked away.

HANDCRAFTED MOVEMENTA longer view from the same angle shows the empty space has morphed into a dining room with a table for three and design-appropriate matching chairs.

HANDCRAFTED MOVEMENTHere is the same niche again, but this time it’s set as the bedroom. Where does the bed hide when it’s not in place? Trade secret.​

HANDCRAFTED MOVEMENTThis photo shows the same angle with the curtains drawn so sleepers can have some privacy. Notice how the tall ceiling gives this space an extra- roomy feel.

HANDCRAFTED MOVEMENTFinally, this photo looks in the other direction. The inviting loft in the background sits above the bathroom.

HANDCRAFTED MOVEMENTIt’s a modern house, all right. There’s plenty of light streaming in and a flat- screen television that takes up minimal space.​

HANDCRAFTED MOVEMENTHere’s a closeup of the dining table. It, too, tucks away when not in use.​

HANDCRAFTED MOVEMENTThis photo reveals the kitchen and the loft. The chevron-patterned door hides the bathroom.

HANDCRAFTED MOVEMENTThe fully functioning bathroom features a 36-by-36-inch neoangle shower.


ADVERTISEMENTThe bathroom has another wonder. Although many tiny homes have bathrooms, few of them have standard flush toilets. This one is an energy-efficient toilet, but it flushes just the same. Great flooring, too.RESOURCES HANDCRAFTED MOVEMENT