For Sale: Modest But Lovely Log Cabin… Take A Peek Inside! The Best Thing About It Is The Price…

Everyone has imagined having a log cabin or home at one point in their lives. You imagine what it would be like to just pack up and move to a remote property in the forest and have some peace away from it all. That’s the beauty of owning a log cabin that you can go to any time you want to and enjoy some rest and relaxation. This log cabin is in Meadows of Dan, Virginia located on a beautiful green property surrounded by lush grassy hills and blue skies. The listing price on this home is $140,000 which is such a great price for a little home out in nature. The cabin is 975 square feet with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom which would make it perfect for a couple or a small family to enjoy as their weekend getaway. The entire cabin has been restained and resealed recently which is a big part of the upkeep for log homes. It can be pretty common for a log home owner to slip up on their log home or cabin maintenance which is how log cabins and homes reach a point that is beyond repair. That’s the point when a full professional restoration would be needed to bring the log home back to life again and ensure that it will last for years to come. Certain areas of the log home may need more frequent maintenance than others, for example, a south-facing wall that gets a lot of sunlight on it might need some more protection than the other walls.

When you’re taking care of your log house, you will be protecting it from the damage of ultraviolet radiation, water damage, wind, and pest infestations. So even though the home has been restained and resealed, it will need to be done again in the next few years. It’s also helpful to wash the exterior of a log home like this one to remove dust, bird waste, pollen, and webs which wear down the protective coating on the logs exposing the logs to the sun and elements. The exterior of this log home looks great since it was just redone, and they chose some nice rich colors for the logs and a deep purple door for a pop of colour. This log house is very simple with just a set of steps up to the front door and a simple peaked roof providing a bit of an awning. Going around to the back of the home, however, you’ll see that there is a lovely deck that looks over the property and since the home is built on a slight hill, the views are great.

Inside, the home is cozy and warm thanks to all of the wood incorporated into the design. They kept the exposed logs for the walls giving it a truly rustic appearance, and they also put in a stone fireplace which also adds to the rustic classic feel. The high ceilings make for a nice airy feel in the living room and then there is a loft area above too. The living area includes the living room with comfortable seating space, a dining area and the kitchen with an open countertop space to connect to the other areas. All new appliances and great kitchen storage make this a kitchen worth cooking in. So that means no cookouts over the fire while camping either. The main floor bedroom is tucked away at the back which offers some nice privacy, and then the bathroom is also on this floor too. The loft is 19 feet by 14 feet with enough space for two twin beds for extra people. It could also be used as a studio or office space too. What a great new cabin for such a reasonable price.