Featured Log Builder: Caribou Creek Log And Timber

Caribou Creek is a log home building company that was started in 1989 in Bonners Ferry, Idaho as a family business. They have their roots that go four generations back and began with traditional barn building. Some of the tools and building methods have changed over the years, but their homes are still based on the traditional methods of building as well as good old fashioned including integrity and excellent customer service. Since the company began, they have been able to satisfy many customers with their beautiful, handcrafted log homes. No matter if the log builders are building a large home or a simple small cabin, they are honoured to assist their clients in whatever way they need to make their log home dreams come true. For handcrafted log homes, there is a special quality to them that isn’t usually found in other styles of home. It might be that they are crafted using traditional building techniques or that they have been around for such a long time. But there is something about them that people gravitate toward. The log builders at Caribou Creek Log and Timber love creating these timeless log homes for people, and they have a passion for creating buildings that will last for decades if not longer. For many people, once you’ve seen a handcrafted log home up close and personal, there’s really no turning back. That will be the style of home you’ll want to have, and no manufactured home will seem to measure up.

While some of the beauty of the logs is lost during the manufacturing process, when you choose a handcrafted a log home you’ll see all of the unique character of each of the logs and timbers used in the project. Each home is special and unique, just like the owner of the home. Caribou Creek Log and Timber really sees the beauty of wood, and they want to share that passion for handcrafted log homes with others through their amazing projects. Quality is the top priorities with the log builders at Caribou Creek Log and Timber. They ensure quality control over every phase of production. They start with the log home being built in their yard by their talented and skilled craftspeople. They help customers through every stage of the building process including the design phase which can be tricky to figure out and settle with on log home plan. They build the log home to completion on their site, and the materials are taken apart and shipped off to the client’s property where the log builders will build the finished product.

They have a direct-to-consumer business model which means they are working directly with customers and the contractors instead of having others in the business going between everyone. This also leads to a more cost-effective product as well since they don’t have to pay a middle person. It also helps to expedite the process and makes for clearer communication for everyone. So for those who want great customer service, Caribou Creek Log and Timber is the company for you. At Caribou Creek Log and Timber, they are also very adamant that the logs they use are the highest quality possible. They use natural, high-grade wood that comes from sustainable forests and they use every single piece down to the last grain. They use the leftovers for firewood and for woodchips for garden beds and other projects. It’s great to have your home built by a company that not only cares about the quality of your home but also about the environment and waste management. Have a look at this log builders completed projects and see which ones catch your eye the most.