Discover This Park Model Dressed For TV: The Interior Finishes Are Second-To-None

Now here’s a park model with a great design from Lil Lodges, a tiny house builder in the United States. This particular tiny house was featured on Tiny House Nation, the show that features a bunch of different tiny house designs so that other people can see how comfortable tiny house living can actually be. The Lil Lodges park model is not necessarily what you might expect when you think of park models. Usually, you think of the very manufactured, plastic and synthetic park models, but this one is far from that. Park models like this one are perfect for full-time living or to use as a vacation home for some relaxing time away. The great thing is, when you go with a company like Lil Lodges, all of the work is done for so you don’t even have to lift a finger making it much easier and less stressful to get into the home of your dreams. The designs for this park model combine wood and stone which makes it look very natural and high quality. Unlike tiny houses on wheels, park models are legal to park in most States and Provinces in the United States and in Canada. Like tiny houses, park models are transportable and easy to move from one place to another with the assistance of a mover.

Although tiny houses are much easier for people to move on their own, Park models are better for long-term or permanent placement at locations where RVs or mobile homes are permitted. Once set up park model homes look like regular homes and they can be great guest houses or temporary dwellings as well. This park model home is one of the great designs from Lil Lodges and features a front porch with an entrance as well as a side entrance through sliding glass doors. This would be the perfect place to add a deck onto the home to make some good use of the sliding glass doors and to create some more livable space. It’s so nice that the porch on the home is already built too, leaving customers with one less thing to do when they get the park model delivered to their property. Then, on the inside, the park model home is just as beautiful as it is on the outside. Check out the living room with its high ceilings and ceiling height windows above the french doors leading out to the covered porch. The builders also included some awesome built-in shelving surrounding the gas fireplace that is also surrounded in stonework.

A mantle sits above the fireplace with the TV hung above that to make a nice family room with a big comfortable couch to lounge on. The kitchen is also an incredible space nearby the living room. This kitchen features a nice island for food prep and also for eating at as well. There is even a full sized oven and stove in the kitchen which is great for cooking up all kinds of meals and food. Plus, they installed a full sized fridge with double doors and a water dispenser. It’s not too often you find a tiny house with a full sized fridge and stove which is why park models are a great option for those who would like more space. Toward the back of the home is the bathroom which is decked out in some nice slate tile with a luxurious spa shower system that would make shower time a relaxing experience. Plus, the bedrooms have great ceiling height and are able to fit larger beds with enough room to walk around as well. This is an awesome design that’s totally worth a look.