Classic Romantik Log House From Original Blockhaus Features Tons Of Great Windows

The Romantik log cabin is a classic log house design with large window fronts with openness from the floor to the roof that gives an overall feeling of spaciousness. These log cabins from Scandinavian Log House can also have rounded (D-block) or edgy block logs. There are so many benefits to living and staying in a log house; it feels good to live in a wooden house. A log house is one of the best homes to stay in, leaving its owners to feel a sense of contentment and satisfaction. You can have any kind of home that you want, but there is nothing quite like a log house for being the coziest home you can experience. There is something special about having your family over for the holidays, and sitting gathered around the stone fireplace after an evening meal.

Wood creates an indoor climate that is uncomparable to other building materials. Using wood in a log house gives the home the benefit of thermal mass which leaves the log house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The warm wooden surfaces of a log house help to create a feeling of comfort and security. This is something not measurable in numbers, but your well-being in a log house increases noticeably. It has also been proven that log houses and wood have a positive effect on the heartbeat and therefore help to give a healthier sleep (especially in log houses built of spruce, fir and pine). A log house or wooden house smells good from the moment you step inside. There isn’t any other kind of building material where you can say the same.

A log house is ecological. Thinking and living ecologically means that you are looking after your environment and resources. In the case of log houses and wood, it is the only building material that grows back. If you pay attention to the fact that the wood may grow in native forests and has no long transport routes behind it, one contributes quite a bit to a healthy environment. Scandinavian log cabin builds their log houses with Austrian wood. If you can find a quality log house builder in the location where you live, you will be lessening your ecological footprint.

Logs and wooden building materials are sustainable. Sustainable log house construction means thinking for generations. Your grandchildren will also be happy with a solid wood log house, not least because the log house construction method is so different from the timber frame home construction method. The log house will last for generations, with a Scandinavian log cabin being made of glued and profiled logs in its solid log house construction. These massive logs come in different thicknesses and can be made rectangular or with a slight curvature on the outside of the log house (D block). To improve the thermal properties of a block wall log house, the insulation for the home is applied either on the inside or the outside of the log house and can also compete in the category of passive houses. Scandinavian Log House is located in Austria.