A Metal Home Building Kit Home, 3500 sq ft, Selling for $36,995

With metal constructed homes, home-ownership has just been taken to a new level – a digital level for that matter but without a lot of hassle and complication. Imagine having a home kit that you can just assemble, customize and design to suit your needs and lifestyle. Well, you can absolutely have one and find it on eBay or any number of other online sources. The one we found and are taking a look at here is a 3500 sq ft steel metal home building kit for $36,995.

It is a decent, durable and modern house that offers a clean and cozy exterior and interior. It is spacious and ready to be modified (design modified) in any way the occupants would like. It is ideal for families as well as for those who are living independently. With its high ceiling, wood panel details and spacious floors, it is indeed a welcoming home after a tiring, busy day. Aside from its practical and durable nature, it is a home that can accommodate every family’s necessities to make life comfortable.

This steel metal home building kit can also be customized, as I mentioned. Furniture and other home appliances can be installed within its spacious living area, and a lot of these appliances are available when designing and ordering a unit (allowing you to do what suits you, whether pick up cheaper used appliances to take it easy on your budget or get new ones with the metal house to make it easy time wise). It is much like having a dream home without the hassle of material selection and construction.

And finally, the best feature of this home is that, for all the class and comfort it offers, it is actually very affordable and guarantees value for money as well. It is the kind of home suitable for this age and time because it is modern, no-nonsense and very practical. Metal buildings mean they’re going to last for a long time. I’ve heard a 90 year estimate for metal structures. To see more of AmeriBuilt Steel Structures’ work, find them in our Metal Homes, Prefab and Modular Home Designers and Builders Directory (click here).

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