A Guy Built This Log Home by Himself after Taking a Two-Day Workshop

You will want to take a good look at this fishing guide log home, built by the operator of a great hunting and fishing guide service. He uses the log home as his home base. There are so many great log home details throughout this log home build. From the wrap around covered outdoor patio, the log beams inside, the nice oversized logs used in the build, to the log trusses. This log home was built by one of the students of The Log Home Builders Association two-day log home building workshop. The Log Home Builders Association is a non-profit educational association that teaches average men and women how to build their log cabins and log homes. They do not work with commercial or log home kit builders, they only work with owners and log home builders and others who are interested in building a real log home for themselves.

They teach their butt and pass method, which is well suited to log homeowner and builders with little or no experience. It’s fast and inexpensive and sturdy and requires a lot less skill than other types of notched styles. Plus it doesn’t settle like log home kit houses do. The log home building methods they teach are code-compliant and earthquake resistant enough to be built in every jurisdiction in the United States and the rest of the world. This method was largely developed by our the associations (late) founder. Today the Association is operated in memory of Skip Ellsworth, by his son Ellsworth, who is a sixth-generation log home builder, along with the founders brother-in-law Steve. The Log Home Association periodically offers log home building classes to log home owner-builders worldwide. The class is based in Las Vegas because it is the least expensive city for most people to travel to. Las Vegas has the most direct flights and lots of hotels to choose from in every budget range. There is also a lot of fun things to do while you are there.

The Log Home Association’s goal is to further Skip’s vision of every man and woman on the planet being able to build their log home from scratch, without a log home kit and a mortgage. You will want to take a peek at some of the log homes and log cabins that have been built by past students of the two-day log home building workshop, you are sure to be inspired.

Some advantages of the real Butt and Pass style of log home building include using natural logs that have not gone through any log manufacturing or milling process. What this means is less manufacturing, therefore, less expense. Your log house or log cabin is 100 percent built on your property, where you can oversee and control the entire log home building process to ensure the best quality. The log home construction process is extremely easy for two main reasons. First of all these log home buildings require zero notch work. You can avoid what is typically the most difficult part about building a log home or log cabin. Secondly, a properly built Butt and Pass log house or log cabin will not settle. So you avoid keyways, slip joints, screw jacks, and more which are all expensive to install, very difficult to get right and hard to fix once things go wrong.

This two-day log home building workshop teaches people with little or no experience in building, how to build their log homes. Imagine building your own log home on your dream piece of property. A dream come true for people across the country.