A Cozy Log House For Two – Wait Till You See The Staircase

This cabin is a very nicely crafted log house that shows that you don’t have to build a luxurious cabin to get the log cabin of your dreams. The cabin has some very nice design features. The exterior shows just how amazingly designed this thing is. The big logs, the peaked roof and the amazing window wall at the front create an amazingly looking cabin. The highlight once you step inside is the spiral staircase that uses handcrafted logs. On the top floor you have two bedrooms and a bathroom that uses stunning log finishes. Through this entire house you see log walls, posts and beams for a stunning look.

Cabins don’t all have to be modern designs. The best looking log cabins are usually the simple rustic ones. Just think back of the family cabin you visited as a kid, most times they were just two-room wood cabins on the lake which made the ideal for the family. If you want to build an old-school wood cabin , you are in very good company.

These small log cabins are just as popular as luxurious log homes, and there is that special something that makes them even more attractive. They will give you that rustic feeling and experience that our ancestors had when they build cabins in the past. A traditional square cabin is less expensive to build than some of the more elaborate shapes. A square also has the most usable space which helps a lot if you want to do more with less. At the end the cost is going to be lower if you want to go simple.

As you go along planning your new cabin, think about what are you going to use it for. Maybe it is going to be a get-away for your closes family and friends, or you will use it as a hunting or fishing cabin. Maybe you will use it seasonally or maybe all-year round. You want to remember the cabin experiences you had as a child growing up and be inspired by them when getting your own cabin today.

If you want to get the biggest usable space from a cabin, keep partitioning to a minimum. The best design is to have one great room with a kitchen in the corner and a small bathroom. If you will need more privacy, small bedrooms don’t need more than 100 square feet of space. If you need more bunks you can always add a small loft that will be accessed by a ladder.