8×18 Whirly House Inquire for Price

The Whirly House is a beautifully crafted tiny house on wheels that features an optional off-grid water system, drop-down stage, and custom finishing. The Whirley House has 144 square feet of space with a fully functional kitchen with butcher block countertops, a space-saving kitchen sink, two-burner propane cooktop, and a propane/electric mini fridge.

The tiny house design has a convertible bed on wheels that functions as a couch when tucked away and a bed when pulled out. You’ll love the corrugated metal wet bath that has a removable cedar floor that reveals a shower pan below. The bathroom has a compostable toilet.

The Whirly House has a drop down stage/patio, perfect for sitting back and enjoying the view or playing music with your friends. The exterior of this tiny house design combines three different kinds of siding to include blue corrugated metal, cedar tongue and groove boarding boards, and cedar shakes. And if that weren’t enough, there is a custom guitar on the side that can be played.

The 8×18 Whirly House is a tiny house design from Tiny House Crafters, LLC. This family-run tiny house design company is located in southern Vermont, and serves the New England area and beyond.

For More: www.tinyhouse4.me