650 sq ft Houses for $4,000

Sounds just like a futuristic movie; a 3D printed house. We don’t need to know exactly how it works to be astounded by this home. We have heard a lot lately about 3D printers and the miracles they produce, but a house is an amazing feat. Tiny homes are built in a plethora of ways, through kits, out of vehicles like buses and campers, but rarely, if ever, do we see a tiny house done through a 3D printer. This must be totally amazing to the family that will own this unusual home.

There are a few companies moving into this space to print inexpensive 3d printed houses.

Apis Cor is the construction company that has completed this technological construction in Russia, and they wanted to create something that was different, one-of-kind. They have done so with this lovely tiny house, the first of its kind made through a printer. If you are concerned about the interior of the home, this project was able to construct both the interior and exterior of the tiny home. We are sure that this company’s plans are to create more houses, tiny houses, and standard-sized houses, through 3D printing.

Another company for 3d printing houses is ICON, who have already shown how they printed homes for $10,000 – 650-square-foot houses out of cement. Guess what? Their demonstration homes cost 10k, but that’s not what the eventual cost will be. Once they get to use an industrial-sized Vulcan printer the estimated cost will be only $4,000. Yes, a house built in 24 hours for $4k, well within anyone’s budget.

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