50 Images That Demonstrate That the Future Belongs to Tiny Housing

This “Traditional-Style Log Cabin” tiny house is located in Middle Township, New Jersey. This traditional style logs cabin tiny home sits on a private lake near New Jersey’s southernmost shore. Guests of the tiny house need to come with a sense of rustic off grid adventure, as there is no running water or traditional toilets. But you are sure to love the location, and it’s sure to be a good experience. The best part about this traditional style log cabin tiny house is that you can rent it and stay here.

Another tiny house you will find on this sites list of cutest tiny houses that you can include a cute and bright tiny cottage located in Portland, Oregon. This tiny house stands out from the rest, probably because of it’s the bright exterior color of purple. This tiny purple house sits in a tree-lined neighborhood. The interior of this tiny house is as bright and uplifting as the exterior. Then there is the tiny house in New Market, Alabama. It is a renovated, 100-year-old tiny cottage that sits behind the Winchester Manor outside of Huntsville, Alabama. It may be a tiny house but it is a beautiful tiny home is equipped with brick floors and a jacuzzi tub.

Another tiny home you might love is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and it is a one room tiny house that is only 250-square-feet in size home, but it is full of antique charm. The downtown area is close enough so that you can walk from the tiny house. The Czech Village, this tiny home is available to rent off of Airbnb. If you haven’t already been to New Orleans, Louisiana, you might opt to stay in this adorable tiny home that has central air conditioning, a jacuzzi tub, and a rain shower are some of the perks at this 400-square-foot cottage. It also has a private backyard and is just ten minutes away from the French Quarter. Then you have a tiny house in Grubville, Missouri. It’s a tiny cabin that is built fifteen feet in the air; the tiny house is nestled amongst five pine trees. You won’t find many neighbors close by, and the owners often host drum circles and potlucks; a tiny house stay with entertainment too!

On this great site, you will find all sorts of fun home ideas and inspirations to keep you busy. On the site, there is stuff about design, rooms, renovating, lifestyle, and Thanksgiving. Some examples of articles you can read on this site are; here’s what winter will look like in your state. Believe it or not, it is quickly approaching, and even though we love the fact that with winter on its way we can get warm in front of the fire, it’s also the start of months of uncertainty wondering whether or not it will snow or not. Will the school be canceled or just delayed? Will the roads freeze over? Will the power go out?; 12 flower arranging tricks that will make you feel like a pro, a gallery of beautiful and inspiring flower arrangements; Ten Things You Need to get done around the house this autumn, getting your tiny house in shape before the real cold weather comes. Fall is a great time for football, hot apple cider, hot chocolate and preparing your home for the cold weather, and while the temperatures are still somewhat warm, and the ground is not yet covered with snow, it’s a good time to take advantage of fall to complete some around-the-house projects. These ten household tasks don’t require a lot of time or money, so you can get them all done in a morning or less.